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Rockaway Park

The Team

Venue: The Chapel of Unrest, Rockaway Park⁣
Photographers (first ten images): Rebel Love Club⁣ 

Photographer (latter ten images): Queen Bea Photos

Models (first ten images): Ruby (she/her) and Money (they/them)

Models (latter ten images): The Martins Model Family⁣
Videographer: Rebel Love Club
Celebrant: The Full Stop Celebrant ⁣⁣⁣
Tailor: Suave Owl⁣
Hair: Paradise Hair Studio_
Makeup/grooming: Soaf MUA
Florist: Dream Upon a Bloom
Accessories: The Lucky Sixpence⁣
Stationery: Hawthorne and Ivory
Rings: Christina Oswin
Cake: Claire Hansen Cakes
Cabinet and Trays: Lucy Turner Modern Marquetry
Lighting and Rugs: Maeflower Hire ⁣
Set catering: Rockaway Cafe ⁣

Dress (first ten): Bespoke Beyond the Veil

Dress & Trousers (latter half): The Longing Dress and Devotion Trousers by Rolling in Roses

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